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Little Hanoi Egg Coffee was established in 2016 with the original name was Goc Ha Noi. Inspired by French architecture in small houses around Hanoi Old Quarter,
we renovated a house in a small alley on Bui Vien Walking Street into a coffeeshop. The old narrow staircases – the soul of the house are remained as original. At the beginning, our shop only served tea and egg coffee, then some kinds of breakfast were added into the menu to create a variety of choices for customers.
Customers who come here can find a peaceful Hanoi in the heart of bustlingSaigon, in the crowded backpacker street. A corner of dearly Hanoi hidden deep in a small alley, behind the steps, in the taste of a cup of fat egg coffee, a particular feature of the ancient town.

Trai Tim 2
Trai Tim 2

Currently, Little HaNoi Egg Coffee has opened a new one with more spacious space, which is suitable for large groups. It is located on the second floor of an old apartment with a beautiful balcony that can observe a corner of Saigon but still keep the decoration and the peace of an old Hanoi.
From Little Hanoi Egg Coffee, we are spreading egg coffee love – a particular culture to people in Vietnam and tourist all around the world.